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Fiesta Donation




The students of sreenidhi as per the decision taken by the students committee on the recommendations and suggestions to spend the collected funds from FIRSTA- 2017 -a charity drive, donated furniture to entire Primary school in Aziznagar- Basthi Primary School  on  

 The students’ committee visited the village schools and met with the headmasters and  students to know about their needs that help their school children them learn with little more comfort and essential materials/ learning aids that are required to enhance the quality of education in their school.

 They understood from them that the school needs writing desks, tables and chairs for teachers and a cupboard for storage.

 Around 60 students and 6-staff members were supplied with writing desks and tables with chairs. A steel cupboard was also provided with. In addition the 4th graders in central primary school in Azinagar too was supplied with writing desks.



FIESTA -2018 - FUNDS- DONATION on 23rd Jan, 2019

 The students of Sreenidhi every year which is in practice before the Fiesta pays a visit to the village schools to make a survey on the need and requirements of the schools and meet the headmasters of the school. After ascertaining the needs they submit their report to the committee for decision. The committee takes a decision in due consultation with the administrator, KMRF on the areas of donation to be made. It has been decided by the committee to make the following donations covering important areas of education.


·         Provision of fence around the entire school –BASTHI SCHOOL IN AZIZNAGAR VILLAGE-covering the backside including the toilet area thus preventing any easy access to  outsiders-is the reason that such measures had been taken care to protect the school area and it has been a very good and genuine gesture of the students to take note of it and plan to help out.

·         Refurbishing of toilets of the school was the second area in the same school that was attended to.

·         A steel cupboard for storage that was requested by the headmaster was also donated to the school


·         2-desk-top and a TV ( SAMSUNG-44 INCHES) and a DELL-laptop--were donated to the computer lab as required by KMRF-staff to teach the village high school students the computer lessons, Khanacademy -online Math  and for the summer camp in Computer Literacy in the months April and May every year.

The Primary School students can watch video for stories, information and knowledge  in general that will also help them for learning English language skills through online.

  •     Will also be used by high school children for watching informative videos.

The computer lab that is functional in Aziznagar village set up by the IBDP- batch of 2012 through Fiesta funds in February, 2014 for KMRF. The computer lab has been updated with new systems and other facilities continuously through subsequent Fiesta funds and the staff appointed for KMRF taking charge and responsibility in maintaining the lab and helping the village and school community with the training in computer basic skills and applications.

Mrs. Ssarithha katikaneni, Executive Director and Managing Trustee, who Presided the ceremony and did the honourof inaugurating and presenting the items to the schools on  23rd, Jan, 2019.  Also present were the CAS students of SIS, faculty from Sreenidhi.

 Mrs. Vasantha Srinivasan, Administrator, KMRF thanked the management for their continuous support and Ms. Meenakshi, Career Counselor works in close liaison with KMRF  is responsible in organizing and conducting the Fiesta and subsequently arrange  the items for donation as decided by the committee.  At the end of the program snacks and sweets served to the school community and everyone who took part in this event.    


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