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Our educational support program focuses on ensuring access to quality education for all. 
    ·       Improve the quality of education by extending service and resources from Sreenidhi International School Campus, Aziznagar. 

    ·       Provide facilities for extra curricular activities and opportunity to discover their talents and to pursue them.

    ·       Fun-fare for school children to display their talents and have fun.

    ·        Motivation of drop-outs and children who have never attended school. 

    ·        Provide essential facilities that the schools are lacking in. 

    ·        Help build up basic infra structure –   class rooms, minor repairs to school building, furniture, stationery, sports goods and providing
           teaching aids. 

    ·        Part funding for additional teachers for village schools. 

    ·       Training program for teachers.

    ·        Help with teaching / learning materials. 

    ·        Set up Library in the school, conduct reading activity.

    ·        Health check up for school children.

    ·        Awareness program among students about health & hygiene.

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