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Initiation of TETRA - Diabetese Care program in Nagireddyguda village (5th village).The visit to the village by the KMRF team for data update will begin by 28/06/2021.


In view of expanding our healthcare program and help more villagers benefit by this TETRA-Diabetes Care program in getting diagnosed for hypertension & Diabetes , the KMRF  will be initiating this program in Nagireddyguda village-a neighbor village of Aziznagar.

Being the first step of this program the KMRF-Team will be engaged in data update of the entire village for the latest information  on the number of adults that are eligible  for this program and to record the health issues of villagers in addition to recording information of  already affected people with BP/Diabetes and taking medicine. This activity will begin from the 30th June, 2021.

Recently a new program of diagnosing the BP/Diabetes/ Thyroid present in the villagers has been introduced by the Govt and happening at the health centres of selected villages.  The testing of diabetic cases/ checking of BP is being done in the village health centre by specially appointed CHO (COMMUNITY HEALTH OFFICER).  She attends the villagers on a daily basis with checking of their BP/ Random Blood sugar. Thus diagnosed and affected persons are supplied with suitable medicine. Every patient gets medicines/ prescribed tablets for a month at free of cost.

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