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Eye camp in Aziznagar

EYE-Camp in Aziznagar Village on 30 November 2019

In collaboration with sitaram suvidha, an NGO, Hyderabad in association with Swrup Eye Centre, Chapel Road, Hyderabad ,  the KMR Foundation organized and conducted an Eye Camp  on the  30th November, 2019 in  Aziznagar village, Moinabad Mandal, R.R.Dt. Hyderabad.

Around 200 adults of age 40 and above from Aziznagar and surrounding villages attended by a team of Opticians and an optometrist. The Aziznagar village students around 45 of grade 10 and with age above 15 were also brought for the Eye-camp—motivated and informed by the KMRF-team and got tested for their vision. Also present were some students who have some vision problems.

The advised / diagnosed cases for cataract surgery will be taken to Swarup Eye Centre, Hyderabad,  after fixing up a date with them for the surgery.

!9 adults /villagers have given their consent to undergo the surgery and will be taken on the given date by them. It will be a day’s procedure. The patients admitted will be provided with some light food before surgery.

They also need to test for HIV, HbsAg and RBS before they admitted for surgery. Pathlab will be doing the testing and reporting the findings to KMRF as we have been collaborating with them for the past 3-years for the “DIABETES CARE PROJECT” that is currently running in 4 –villages.

The villagers with vision problem around 40 of them will be supplied with free spectacles on    6th, December, 2019 (FRIDAY) personally by the NGO- Ms, Munmun Gneriwal.

The cases opted for surgery and willing to take it will be taken to Swarup Eye Centre after 11th of December, 2019. They will be staying at the Eye Centre from 9am to 5 pm until the procedure gets over.

They will be transported to and back home by KMRF.

It will not be an exaggeration  mentioning that KMRF—team took a task of convincing each       and every  advised case for cataract to take up the surgery as most of them did not have people to go with them or to give any moral support. As they being senior citizens and aged they required  persistent motivation for encouragement and make them feel easy without any fear or hesitation.

The report / status on surgery will be updated.



The villagers from Aziznagar with vision problem were advised by the Opticians in the Eye camp (30/11/2019) for spectacles.

Villagers from and around Aziznagar about 150 attended the camp. 39 members were diagnosed with vision problem and advised for wearing spectacles.

KMRF arranged a meeting with the villagers who were advised for spectacles sat the health centre, Aziznagar on the 6th December. 2019. The NGO-SITARAM SUVIDHA - Ms. Munmun Ganeriwal  and her mother in law Ms. Sudha Ganeriwal came to donate the spectacles to the affected persons by themselves.

Out of 39 villagers -25 were present on that day and distributed with specs. KMRF had taken care to distribute the remaining 14 to the villagers in the following week.



Ø  18 members were diagnosed for cataract surgery

Ø  Out of 18 motivated for surgery 12- members are willing to take up the surgery

Ø  Surgery will be done in Swarup Eye Centre, Abids, and Hyderabad on the   20th of December, 2019.

Ø  First batch of 12 –members will take up the surgery on that day.

Ø  Remaining if anybody comes forward to undergo the surgery will be done in the second batch subsequently.

Ø  Prior to admission each one of them need to be tested for HIV, HbsAg and Glucose Random and take the report at the time of admission.

Ø  The tests will be done by Drlalpathlab with whom we have already signed MOU and collaborating for our “DIABETES CARE” program.

Ø  Reports will be uploaded online and sent to Eye Centre for a review

Ø  The members without any serious problem in the report will be advised to go for the surgery

Ø  They will be admitted in the morning and discharged in the evening

Ø  KMRF-will take responsibility in taking them to hospital and dropping them back home after the surgery

KMRF team will visit them to ascertain the success of the surgery and prognosis of their vision. If any visit is required by the members to Eye Centre for review will be taken care by the foundation.


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