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Fiesta 2019


FIESTA – 2019 - A fund raiser was held on 16th February, 2019


Sreenidhi Students yet again geared up for the -Fiesta 2019 -“No time for Siesta ,  let us Fiesta” .  The Fiesta was scheduled on 16th February 2019 with usual pomp and show . A lot of fun loving crowd and children from outside were present on the day Fiesta— a fund raiser-.It is an annual event  aimed at collection of funds to be spent for the KMRF—adopted  Aziznagar village school community supporting and enhancing the quality of education as well in the area of health & hygiene of the village community.

 As last year this year too, the KMRF-adopted Aziznagar village Govt. Primary School students were waiting for their time slot for the dance performance a “flash mob”.  The selected 35 students were trained by the SIS-CAS-volunteers at the campus while they came for regular activities on Saturdays.  It was amazing to see the enthusiasm and energy with which they participated and danced. They received a loud applause and cheering from the audience, visitors and parents for their synchronized movements. They could catch the steps and dance without much practice and that they learnt  in a short time. The volunteer –student who trained them lead the children dancing all round the field that was cheered by the crowd.

 No doubt that their performance was the much appreciated item of the program that gave an insight to understand the objective of Fiesta and the cause behind it.

 The objective of the Fiesta-19 was to raise funds for schools other than Aziznagar with basic essential facilities like- furniture, fans & lights, minor requirements and repairs for the toilets of the schools.  Likewise one school that was surveyed by the SIS-Students is the primary school in Nagireddyguda.  Besides to help the Zilla Parishath High school –Aziznagar  with the donation of 10 tables and chairs for the high school teachers. This request by the headmaster had been kept pending in addition to attend some minor toilet repair works in the school. Also the request from the headmaster Primary school Aziznagar for the supply of 5-small steel-cupboards will be considered and the purchase will be made.

Over all it was an eventful and indeed a successful fundraiser and we wish to keep working with SIS and get help from them to help us support the Aziznagar and surrounding village schools with infra structure facilities and basic essentials through such events and collaborations in future.
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