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Fiesta Donation


The students of Sreenidhi every year which has been in practice now for quite some years pay a visit to the village schools before the Fiesta to make a survey on the need and requirements of the schools.

They meet the headmasters of the schools and ascertain the needs for their schools. They submit their report to the committee for decision. The committee takes a decision in due consultation with the administrator, KMRF on the areas of donation to be made.

By Aadhya Agarwal, Grade, 12


Fiesta’2019 was a journey of its kind, it helped us connect with society, showcase our entrepreneurial skills and in the process raise funds for a greater cause! 

Fiesta has been Sreenidhi’s leading charity fundraiser since 2012 - and last year, 7 years later, we the DP 1 Batch of 2020 came together to look at the true origins of a Fiesta, and embrace that spirit. Noting that Fiesta is the Spanish term for the party - we decided to take up a full Hispanic theme to host a traditional Fiesta in all its glory.  The key to finding a solution is to first identify a problem.

After investigating multiple schools in Aziznagar and Nagireddyguda we chose Nagireddyguda Upper Primary School along with 2 other schools (Central Primary and High School) in Aziznagar and visited to identify problems that need to be given attention such as unhygienic washrooms, broken chairs and tables, missing ceiling fans and lights, etc.

The investigation phase was quickly followed by a planning phase wherein we divided ourselves into multiple subunits like the finance team, the marketing team, the event management team, the cultural team, the public relations team, the design team, and the communications team. All of which worked coherently to put together an array of activities and lip-smacking food stalls, made possible by our premium sponsors Bdubs and North Star.

Fiesta attracted 3000+ people through attractions such as Macarena flash mob, Fireworks, Jail - pay to get in, crack a code to get out, Pet pen, Paintball, Bungee jumping, Sport matches, Zumba etc The authenticity of the event provided a platform for people to experience true Hispanic culture through food, games, and competitions, enabling our team to generate a considerable amount of profit.

On the 27th, September, 2019 , we stood with pride to announce that our effort and vigour has not gone in vain and we were successful in developing an enhanced learning environment for the students of Nagireddyguda School so they can continue to learn and develop their skill sets. Also there was similar contributions to 2- schools in Aziznagar.


Our contribution to the school includes provison of

·          lighting and fans in the classrooms to the primary school in Nagireddyguda

·         cupboards for library and class rooms to Central Primary School in Aziznagar

·          Teachers’ furniture. –tables with chairs to Zilla Parishath High School in Aziznagar.


 Fiesta helped each one of us learn, grow as individuals will continue the chain of cracking smiles and turning tides.  It allowed us to stand as a testimony for being the change that we wish to see in the world.  


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