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Expansion of Health Care project

Expansion of Healthcare Project as on 15/08/2013

The expansion of our Health Care program to entire Mohinabad  Mandal comprising 37 villages has been completed as on August, 2013.

The team has been working with a focus on achieving 100% immunization in every adopted village. It has been a collaborative program with the Govt. Health Centres.

Motivation of the default cases, collection of information on the immunized cases, pregnancy and delivery information, follow up are the routine activities that the team members are engaged with.

Focused target is being achieved and maintained through regular field visits especially on the active immunization days apart from door to door visit for the default cases.

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 Even though our mandate has been to work primarily for the Aziznagar village community, we decided to add two immediate surrounding villages of Aziznagar and give full attention and focus to health care and support education to the children of these villages.

We added two villages - Bakaram & Nagireddyguda, surrounding Aziznagar with a focus on health care. Subsequently the village school children were encouraged to join in the educational activities such as games, art & craft, music and computers.

 Keeping in view the growth and expansion of the organization and enlarging the scope for the stakeholders, our beneficiaries –the village community, now we have started collect data in more villages and have expanded to 25 villages – the goal is to expand to the entire Moinabad Mandal comprising of 21 Gram Panchayats and 17 villages—a total of 38 villages. 

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