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A Collaborative Project  between SFSU & KMRF

A team of students of San Francisco State University USA from Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts headed by Prof. Dr. Betsy Blosser, assisted by Mr. Ray Tarara -just completed his Master's degree.He is a video   producer at Google

       Girls - Autume Stanley, Cynthia Spesert, Genessee Kayton, Lanica Garcia
        Boys - Beau Mathews, Brian Frost, Ian Levy, Jeovany Flores, Kevin Miller arrived in Hyderabad on the 2nd June, 2015.
For video shoot of KMRF engages programs & activities in Aziznagar and surrounding villages and also in Sreenidhi Institute Of Science & Technology, Khatkesar and around villages
Program & activities planned:

By Mr. Chella Srinivas ----@ SNIST---and in villages near college from 4th to 10th June  excepting on 6 th & 8 th, June–for 5 days program.

By  Mrs. Vasantha.S — @ Aziznagar village schools & Nagireddyguda village from 13th   to 26th June,On 4th June, 2015.

An interactive session with the visiting team, Chairman Dr.K.T.Mahi, Mrs. Ssarithha Katikaneni, E.D & Principal, Sreenidhi International School with KMRF-TEAM and other members of Sreenidhi was held at the drama room, SNIS—followed with the distribution of program schedule—planned.
The project of shooting video of KMRF –activities began on the 4th, June, 2015 and ended on the 28th of June, 2015.
The team also enjoyed going around in and around Hyderabad visiting Charminar, Salarjung Museum, Chowmahala palace, necklace road, Lumbini Park, Hussain Sagar lake, Eat street, Birla Mandir.  Trip to Ramoji Film city and Warangal fort—was also on their itinerary.
 Thursday, 04/06/2015 :Clean and Green programme (Trash Picking and Tree plantaion). 

 Friday,05/06/2015: Lectutre on General Health Problems of Women Dr.V.Sudha Rani,md(Gynecology),MD(Microbiology).

Saturday,06/06/2015:Trip to Warangal-Fort

Sunday, 07/06/2015: General Health Camp @ Yamnampet Village


Monday,08/06/2016: Blood Donation Camp @ the Sreenidhi International School Campus 

Tuesday, 09/06/2015:Rally against Drugs, Cigarettes and Alcohol in Ghatkesar village 

Wednesday, 10/06/2015:Visit to MNJ Institute of Oncology & Regional Cancer Centre, Lakadika pool 

Thursday, 11/06/2015:Games for the Women and Children of Yamnampet village @ SNIST –Campus 

Saturday, 13/06/2015:Immunization program @ Aziznagar village (Active Immunization Day)--

Sunday, 14/06/2015:Visit to Salarjung Museum & Chowmahala Palce—Hyderabad 

Monday, 15/06/2015:Donation of furniture to Grde7 in Zilla Parichath High School, Aziznagar.Interview with the headmaster.

Tuesday, 16/06/2015: OLPC Program @ the Basthi School, Aziznagar.Interview with the students and the headmaster.

Wednesday, 17/06/2015:Immunization Programme @ Aziznagar Village and  visit to Primary Health Centrer, Aziznagar-(Active Immunization Day) 

Thursday, 18/06/2015:Community Computer Literacy program at the Computer Center, Aziznagar 

Friday, 19/06/2015:Annual Note Books Donation to Primary Schools in Aziznagar.Interview with the headmaster. 

Saturday, 20/06/2015:Games at the village school---Aziznagar— Inter School Volleyball match was held-To initiate the functioning of Volley-ball                                                         court donated by KMRF .

Sunday, 21/06/2015:Visit to Charminar, ChudiBazar Hyderabad 

Monday, 22/05/2015:Khanacademy  Sessionat the Sreenidhi International School Campus—for the 6th Grader Of Acts High School, Aziznagar,                                                    Interview with the student and then with parent 

Tuesday, 23/06/2015:Computer Learning Center - Computer session with the students og Grade 9-of zphs-Aziznagar. 

Wednesday, 24/06/2015:Health camp—for school children- happens at the beginning of  every academic year.-collaboration with VRK-Hospital,                                                      Aziznagar  in the Village Primary School, Aziznagar .

Thursday, 25/06/2015:English-Skills-with the School teacher –activity Interview with the village school teacher 

Friday, 26/06/2015:Interview with the Administrator, KMRF 

Saturday, 27/06/2015:Interview with  Mrs. Ssarithha Katikaneni, E.D. & Principal, SNIS 

Sunday,  28/06/2015:Interview with Dr.K.T.Mahhe, Chairman, Sree Group The SFSU –Team left for the airport to fly out to San Francisco, USA



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