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KMRF ChildrensDay & Mural painti

The students of IBDP-Sreenidhi International School took the task of Murals-Painting of walls of classrooms and the entrance –hall way of the Upper Primary school—in Nagireddyguda village.

The SIS-students chose this program of “Theme Painting of Walls” as CAS –project and planned to do on all the 6-class-rooms of the school. The students while surveying the school for this project found that the wall needs a thorough white wash before the start of Mural- painting.

As the village schools do not have enough funds to spend on such huge project, the SIS-HOS- was suggesting plans for fund-raising to meet up the cost of this white wash. Incidentally there was –  MUN  (Model United Nations-a program for world skills) program was going on in Sreenidhi International School, Aziznagar.

Ms. Nancy, Head Of School, SIS, with her efforts got the SMUN Secretariat raised the funds with its Conference over the weekend to pay for the whitewashing of 6 classrooms and the entrance hallway at the school.

The students of CAS- program kick-started the painting galore of the village school wall on the 14th, November. 2019 , being a part of Children’s Day Program.

It was fun for both the school students and students from grade -1 were asked to do hand-print on the wall above the painted tree-trunk that looked like branches of hands sticking out of the tree-trunk. They were so excited to participate.

It has been planned as a part of Children’s Day Celebrations on the 14th November, 2019. There were 2-group of SIS-volunteers to take care of Murals-painting and children’s day celebrations. They entertained the whole school with a quiz &  cultural program.

  • An introduction speech by students on the importance of November 14th being celebrated as children’s day, about Jawaharlal Nehru as a freedom fighter, writer, statesman. He was the Prime Minister of India since independence till 1967.
  • A quiz in General knowledge was conducted.
  • Students were asked to write aboutwhat they would like to be when they grow!!
  • It was interesting that one of the students mentioned that he would like to join Army and serve the country.
  • Last but one was the dancing galore—the Sreenidhi students loined thein circle and danced.
  • The village school girls danced to Telugu songs and Sreenidhi students joined them that went for more than an hour.
The murals –painting will be completed subsequently by the SIS-students..


It was altogether a fun-filling evening and lasted for nearly 3 –hours as the painting program and Children’s day celebrations were planned for 1 to 4 pm.

Both the school students, village anganwadi students and staff were served with snacks and  drinks  before their dispersal.


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