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Khan Academy 2013

Khanacademy Dashboard:-Ongoing program with the village school children.

(Acts High school,Aziznagar,from July,2014) 

Online Khanacademy for Math-skills had been introduced to the 4th graders from Acts High School, Aziznagar last year. Around 22 students attended the session regularly in the evening after school session.  The same set of students now in grade 5th has started attending the session this year also.

In view of strengthening and improve their mental  and Mathematical skills we continued this session with the last year students who attended to coaching session weekly thrice at the Sreenidhi   Campus IT-Lab.

(Acts High school, Aziznagar, from July, 2013 ) 

Presently the 4th graders - 23 of them from Acts High School, Aziznagar village are taking the online Math coaching session in the Sreenidhi campus.

They could master several topics excepting word problems mainly due to western names and difficult English terms.  Around 15 of them could do well faster and surely have improved their learning skills

Online practice enhances their mental skills and ability to do quickly.


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