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Khan Academy 2017

Khan Academy session from the academic year 2017

Khanacademy classes were initially given to 25 - students of 5th grade of Aziznagar Primary School in the year 2011 & 2012. The foundation provided transport and brought the students from village school to Sreendshi International school campus to coach the students in Khan Academy lessons in the computer lab. The students were poor in understanding simple math and grade 5 students were not able to do                     simple multiplication tables. More over English language is again another problem as all the students learn via Telugu medium of instruction. Due to lack of motivation and support from village school teachers the students found it difficult to continue though we could observe their improvement in their mental ability in handling lessons and in performance. As most of them were absent and not interested in attending the class and a very few turned up we could not give them the lessons. Given the circumstances   of providing them with transport and having a few students attending the class was not worth the effort and time given.

Hence we planned to help the nearby Acts high school – (a private school) students in Khan Academy lessons as they come walking to the campus and had been dropped back after the class by the foundation transport. We assumed that being an English medium school the students might be in better position to understand and good in Math skills. We continue to give the Math coaching lessons from 2013 to 2016 to the same students as they move to higher grade from 5th to 7th grade. A few (may be 10 out of 25 students) were really benefitted by the coaching and showed marked improvement.

 Gradually the attendance of students for the program became poor as students were not motivated by the school staff. As there was no support from the staff of the school for their improvement  the students could not attend the Math lessons.

In the beginning of this academic year 2017-18, we planned that the students of grade 5 who are learning Math skills through OLPC—program  could be given  Math coaching through Khan Academy from October, 2017.

Now from October, 2017, this session is being held in the Computer Learning Centre that the Foundation has set up in the year 2014, February in Aziznagar. It is situated in the  centre of the village to be able to cater to the school community and village community . They are learning the  simple functions of computer and  subsequently certain some module in computer applications like Pord, notepad, Excel and Powerpoint

The students attend this Math class twice in a week. As the lab is situated near the village Primary and high school, the students come walking to take the session. The school Math teacher who is handling Math for the 5th graders also attends the session along with the students.


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