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Menstrual awareness camp



KMRF on the 17th & 18th of February, 2022 organized & conducted a health awareness program at the Zilla Parishad High School, Aziznagar.

This program was aimed and conducted to benefit the students from grade 6 to 10 of the high school, the intermediate college girls and young married women from Aziznagar village.

Mrs. Rachana Omtri & family & friends were instrumental in collaborating with Bindu Organisation and bringing this program to Aziznagar village & school community under the banner of KMR Foundation in memory of her daughter  Rithaika, (ex student of Sreenidhi International School, Aziznagar).  It was her initiative to bring in awareness in young girls especially in rural village schools on the menstrual hygiene & health.

The two days session was attended by 140 students 16 college girls and a few women. The school faculty was also present.  The program was held from 11am to 1 pm with the following agenda

·         PowerPoint presentation of designed topics in English as well in Telugu.

·         A detailed explanation in Telugu by the local community health worker.

·         Question & Answer session

·         Distribution of cloth pads.

The program -session started with welcoming Mrs. Rachana & family presenting with a bouquet   and  Ms. Alively, the community health officer, Aziznagar.

Ms. Rachana took over to give a brief introduction regarding the program and about the Bindu Organisation who are responsible for the supply of sanitary materials.

Learning Objectives:

Ø  To understand what menstruation is and be able to take care of oneself while facing the various symptoms of menstruation.

Ø  To become more aware of the taboos associated with stigma and become more comfortable in talking about menstruation.

Ø  To learn how to wear, wash and maintain a cloth pad


Key Topics and Concepts:

·         The biology behind menstruation

·         Menstrual hygiene management

·         Menstrual cramps & other symptoms-self-care

·         PCOD & PCOS

·         When to change pads.

·         Proper disposal

·         Good cleaning habits

·         Sustainability

·         Cloth pads

·         Stigmas & taboos

·         Addressing some FAQs.

 At the end all the participants of the program were supplied with a packet of cloth pads with instructions how to use them which were already explained to them during the session.

The program ended with vote of thanks to the sponsors—Mrs. Rachana & family & friends and  Bindu Organisation with presentation of mementoes & gifts. We thanked Ms. Alivelu for her  involvement and explaining in Telugu that was really helpful.

We also thanked the depts. Who are responsible in making this program a success   Ms. Maitreyi, Director of Marketing for the banners & mementoes & the hospitality dept for the refreshments.













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