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IN Nagireddyguda


Initiation of this program in Nagireddyguda village ( 5th village) that started with the Data update of the village from 28/06/2021. The data work – update of the village population was completed by 30th June, 2021 in order to find out the target population of adults -20+.

We had to wait for the vaccination program that was going on vigorously for the people not vaccinated/ second dose for 60+/ above 40 etc. So that we also would come to know about those who come under our project are fully or partially vaccinated or not.

The much waited inauguration of the DIABESTED CARE PROGRAM IN NAGIREDDYGUDA VILLAGE HAPPENED ON THE 08/10/2021 and the team started with getting the consent form signed going to each house of the target-adult-population. As per the steps followed in the program we implemented the program and started from 21/10/2021 with recording of the height & weight of the members involved in the project followed by with their Blood Pressure checked. All these are being done using electronic gadgets and a TABLET— a technology  enabled program –the values of BP- directly fed to the TABLET that is programmed with stored data of the people , family name etc.

The program is an ongoing program aiming to serve the villagers;

Target- population –         2001

 Adults for screening -      1402

 MALE                            -      685  

 FEMALE                       -      717

Our Vision