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3rd K.Mahipathi Rao Memorial Lecture by Gurcharan Das

The Third K.Mahipathi Rao memorial lecture was held on the 7th January 2013 at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi-IHC. The Chief Guest for the evening was famous Author, commentator and public intellectual Mr.Gurcharan Das who spoke on his latest book “India Grows at Night”. The lecture was organized by KMR Foundation and the Sreenidhi International School Management.

Mr.Gurcharan Das shared his thoughts on his new book, “India Grows at Night” a liberal case for a strong India, for a strong leadership and system that ensures swift governance and justice. He took the audience on a wonderful, interactive tour of how the book draws from the original conception of the liberal state, essentially a product of the enlightenment thought process and is timely as the country seems to be embroiled in an endless web of financial irregularities and political uncertainties. A strong undercurrent of the principle of ‘Eminent Domain’, the expropriation action of the United States government, runs in Das’ work – one where government acts quickly and decisively. Das’ work is rooted in the enlightenment philosophy of 18th century thinkers like Adam Smith and John Locke.

The family of Mr.K.Mahipathi Rao, the daughter Ms Humaira Mahi welcomed and spoke about the KMR foundation while the son Mr.Jawahar Mahipathi Rao delivered the vote of thanks along with the other son Dr. Mahhe, Chairman Sree Group and family.


About KMR Trust:

The KMR Foundation was formed in memory of Sri.K.MahipathiRao by his children in 2008 to further the ideals that inspired Mr. Mahipathi Rao’s life and work. It is a non profit organization that works with a rural community, with an aim to expand its reach with a diversified program to include as many villages surrounding Aziznagar Hyderabad where Sreenidhi International School is located. Presently the foundation is working from Aziznagar school campus and engaged in meaningful development projects focusing on health care, education and vocational skill development of youth for self employment. The Foundation commits their time and energy to providing support so that children can grow up educated, strong and confident. KMR Group Foundation encourages good nutrition, good health and a love of learning in students of all ages. We especially play an active role in supporting early childhood where nutrition and education are the core components of future success.



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