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Sreenidhi International School

Sreenidhi International School currently offers both ICSE (Delhi, India) and IGCSE (CIE, U.K) streams, under the guidance of qualified and trained teachers. Sreenidhi International School is an authorized school for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for students who will be qualified to pursue the Grades XI and XII.

Students who wish to join Grade 11 of ISC curriculum could contact School. Different subject streams offered in School for ISC are:

Mathematics & Physical Sciences; Pure Sciences; Commerce;  Humanities

The classes are expected to begin in June.

The school aims to achieve in every student is more than just literacy.

"Our sprawling 50 acre state of the art campus is located at Aziznagar. (near A.P. Police Academy-APPA junction, on the Chilkur Balaji route)

We Offer Nursery to Grade XI. Will initiate Grade XII in 2011-12"

Essentially a boarding school

At Aziznagar we admit three categories of students :   

 Day boarders                               

 5 Day boarders 

 Full day boarders

Day Boarders : Children spend most of the day at school. They have their meals during the day in the school and return to their homes in the evening after a full day's academic work, extra curricular activities, sports and hobby clubs. They do home work at school under the supervision of teachers. 

Five Day Boarders: This is a novel concept introduced by the school. Students are picked up from their homes on Monday morning and dropped back at home on Friday evening after a five day comprehensive residential programme. Thus the child enjoys best of both worlds: 

           The merits of boarding school education    
           Quality time with parents over weekends.

Full Day Boarders: Students live in Houses (72 per House) under the watchful care of a House Master / House Mistress for girls, Assistant House Masters / Mistresses and House Tutors who are all teachers and who take complete care of each child's proper growth. Full Day boarders have special weekend programmes and activities.

Boarding is available from Grade IV onwards. 

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