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The Phase 2 of the Project Kindle saw the commissioning of the solar panel at the Harijan Basti school on 25th June 2012. The students of IBDP inaugurated the system. The hard work put in by the entire school community during fiesta was put to realization.

Students shared their reflections and felt that this is just the beginning and that there will be more such projects, they were motivated and wished to contribute in whatever possible way.

Dr K.T Mahhe( Chairman), Mrs. Ssarithha Katikaneni( ED and PYP Principal), Mr V Srinivasan( Principal) , Mr Shanmugham( DPC), Mrs vasantha Srinivasan( KMRF Administrator) along with all SMT members were present at the occasion.

Various Village officials including the Deputy Education Officer, M.E.O, Sarpanch and heads of village schools were present at the occasion.

Looking at the problems faced by mankind today with depletion of fossil fuels, Solar energy is a constant source available, The 12 IBDP Students inspire us to look into such solutions and build a greener tomorrow.
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