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KMRF SportsDay

KMRF Sports Meet-2107--18   on 25th November, 2017

The annual event of KMRF-Sports Meet – 2017 was held at the campus of Sreenidhi in collaboration with SNSA & SIS, students’ volunteers on the 25th, November, 2017.
It was a truly gratifying day to witness the cheers and happiness in village school children who actively took part in all the events that had been organized
Click Here to View Experience of the event narrated by CAS students of IBDP—Sreenidhi.

Sports Day at Sreenidhi campus —Drill-Display by village students

On the 16th, December, 2017 The students around 105 from 4th, 5th & 6th graders from Aziznagar village Primary & high school  who are  regularly visiting campus on Saturdays for  Sports &  Games  session participated in athletic  events  held so as to enable them participate in KMRF-Sports Meet.

This year with a plan of training them to participate and perform in number of Mass –Drill Display,   the staff of Sreenidhi Sports Academy engaged them in 4-different drill dividing them into groups.  They were

(a)                      Surya Namaskar

(b)                        Umbrella drill

(c)                       Ball exercise

(d)                     Hula-hoop

 This practice session happened a week prior to Annual Sports Day in Sreenidhi which was scheduled to happen on the 16th, December, 2017.

The SNSA (Sreenidhi Sports Academy) staff members trained the students to learn well through repeated practice exercises by going to the village school in the afternoon for one hour session. This practice session happened for a week prior to Sports Day on the 16th, December, 2017.

All the students were distributed with Sports Uniform, shoes and   T-shirts of different colour chosen to suit the theme of exercise that they performed on the day.  They used Green, Blue, red and yellow    T-shirts.

All the students took their snack box and drinks at the end of Sports day.


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