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 Summer Camp –Computer Literacy Program- Valedictory Function 

A short term course on “Computer Literacy Program” during this year Summer Camp organized and conducted for the 10th Graded students of Aziznagar village came to end with a fitting finale on the 11th May, 2012.


The high light of the program was the demonstration given by the students to the audience. Some of the students who attended the course were asked to demonstrate to the audience the skills that they have learnt during the course. They did a power point presentation to show the audience about the summer camp –program schedule, details of attendees like their school’s name, class, village etc. Also exhibited their skills in developing a document through WordPad, tabulations with calculations on the excel program that they learnt. They also browsed information on the net for the  “ Statue Of Liberty & Taj Mahal showing all colourful images.


 The confidence and courage they exhibited in the show was amazing. The audience watched in awed silence. Some of them came forward to speak about their experiences during the course.

The students thanked the KMRF Team & the IT.Dept of SNIS for helping them learn the skills.


There were a total number of 38 students attended the course, out of them 11 students are from private schools and 27 from the Zillah Parishath School, Aziznagar ( KMRF-adopted School).



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