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World Literacy Day

KMR Foundation celebrated the “World Literacy Day” in Sreenidhi International Schoolat Kalabhavan on the
7th September, 2009.

 The class 3 children of village school and SNIS had an exchange program of teaching & learning about vertebrates & non vertebrates (animals with back bone & without). SNIS children explained them the classification of animal kingdom with colorful charts of all animals, insects etc. The village children were able to identify each and every animal and named them in “Telugu”. SNIS children gave story books (animal stories) to the village children.

It was wonderful to see the children sitting in groups and helping them to draw and write the name of animals in English.

 It is all about learning with fun. The village children happily came forward to entertain the gathering with songs and dance. Both the school children told stories in “Telugu”.

 At the end of the program SNIS children took the village children to their class, showed them pictures of animals on the T.V. and live specimens of tadpoles, earth worms and fishes.

 KMRF distributed  story books to the village children donated by SNIS children.

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