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Anemia Project

       Initiation of this program in Jeevanguda village (8th village) that started with the     Data update of the village from 8/06/2023. The data work – update of the village population was completed by 16th June 2023 in order to find out the target population of adults -20+.

      Inauguration of the Diabetes Care Program and Anemia Project in Jeevanguda Village Happened On 16/08/2023.

The program is an ongoing program aiming to serve the villagers;

What is Lucky ANEMIA?

       Anemia is a problem of not having enough healthy red blood cells or   Hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the body’s tissues.

A pilot study to determine the effectiveness of lucky iron leaf in correcting Iron-deficiency anemia

What is Lucky Iron Leaf?

A simple cooking tool is designed to add a significant portion of your daily-required iron intake when added to any boiling liquids for 10 minutes. Simply add it to boiling water or any liquid-based meal (such as soups, stews, rice, etc.) and 10 minutes later, you now have iron-rich water or food!

Anemia Project Schedule

Phase 1:Identification of index person:

Hb levels will be checked in women in the age group of 20-50. One woman in each household in one hundred households, from a wide economic background and ethnicity. This can be done by visiting individual households.

Phase 2. Selection of households

Selecting 40 volunteer households, and educate them about anemia by showing them the videos at a community center, in small groups. Hb levels will be checked in the index case and two other members in each household. This is to establish not only the index person but also the whole household will benefit.

         Phase 3. Distributing iron leaf

Hiring a social worker, who will visit one or two homes each day? Administer

Questionnaire and demonstrate the use of iron leaf. 10 visits/week. Forty households

In one month. Weekly visits to each household to monitor the progress.


   Phase 4. Measuring Hb levels after 3 months.

        Hb levels will be in the index case and two other members of the household.

     Phase 5. Measuring Hb levels after 6 months

       Hb levels in the index cases only

     Monitoring for Adverse Effects

The social worker will make weekly visits to check compliance and any adverse effects. Participants can withdraw at any time. The previous studies indicate no adverse effects are likely. Iron overload is not a problem, and occurs only in rare individuals as a genetic defect.


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