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                                 Swine Flu”---Awareness Campaign in Aziznagar Village
We are all aware of the prevailing “Swine Flu” that has affected many people in the Hyderabad city and around rural areas and the alarming news about its spread and the risks involved if not protected.

 Understanding the need for concern on this, the KMR Foundation in collaboration with Sreenidhi International School has organized and held an “Awareness Campaign on Swine Flu” on 31 January, 2015 in Aziznagar village.

 The campaign was flagged off at the Govt. High School at 10 am. The students and staff from both the schools Sreenidhi and village High School took the procession carrying placards and banners shouting campaign slogans on how to prevent the spread and protect from “Swine Flu”.

 Pamphlets in Telugu- were distributed to the public explaining about the Swine Flu-virus, symptoms, on precautions to prevent the spread of the virus and how to take care if affected and also on the importance of medical attention, care and antiviral drugs. The Sreenidhi (CAS) students also spoke to some family members, shop keepers and other men and explained to them giving out pamphlets.

 The KMRF team & Sreenidhi students also visited the Primary School and spoke to the children about the virus and the importance to protect oneself from the attack and more importantly how to take care if affected by the virus and to prevent the spread of the virus.

 Around 40 students and some staff from SNIS and Govt. High School, Aziznagar took part in this activity that went on for 2 hours. Even the staff from the Health Centre, Aziznagar joined in our campaign. They insisted us to carry out this campaign to a few neighboring villages where the villagers need to be educated as they are not well- aware of this illness and the risk involved if not treated, protected or prevented from spread.

 Our next plan is to campaign in  Nagireddyguda & Bakaram villages—neighbor to Aziznagar.

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