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Health Camp in Amdapur


 A Medical camp was conducted at Amdhapur village in collaboration with V.R.K. 

Women’s Medical College & Teaching Hospital & Research Institute, Aziznagar, and

 Hyderabad under the aegis of KMR Foundation on the 11th of August, 2022.

 Around 120 adults & 80 children from Amdapur and surrounding villages were attended by a team of doctors comprising of a general physician, a dentist, ophthalmologists, technicians, and nursing assistants. Student doctors (house surgeons) - around 24 of them also attended to the public under the guidance of their physicians.

 Some of the villagers who were diagnosed with vision problems and cataract were advised to come for eye check-up. Similarly, a few of them with problems in other areas were also referred to the hospital for further diagnosis and treatment if required.

All the attendees were provided with medicines and vitamins in addition to eye drops and cough syrup for those who needed them.

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