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Exchange Program


Mural painting and Reading Program – Books Donation in the village primary schools, Aziznagar on 20th & 22nd November, 2018

    KMRF in partnership with Sreenidhi International School facilitated the whitewashing of the entire primary school campus in Aziznagar.The village school also was requested for the painting of alphabets in both English and Telugu, parts of body etc.

          THE CAS  (Community Service Action) students of Sreenidhi International School along with the visiting students from
St.    Andrews, Jackson, Mississippi, USA engaged in “ Mural painting” of village school class rooms and outside wall as part of their“Exchange Program”.

 The painting was done under a theme chosen and executed by the students assisted by the faculty of art from Sreenidhi. The village school students also participated in the painting program.

 In addition they organized a “Reading Program & Donation of story books” in the Primary school. The grade 5 students were engaged in groups by both the students of Sreenidhi and exchange program visiting students. It was indeed a meaningful session that read out stories with pictures and played games with them. In the end they donated a book to each of the participants.



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