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Visit to Karjat village


Visit to Karjat village --- Khairat School 

Village Children with Laptop!!! 

Raighat Zillah Parishad Primary School — Khairat, I Dhangarwada village in Maharashtra with a strength of 29 children from class 1 to 4 was chosen for pilot study on the OLPC (One lap top per child)by Digital Bridge Foundation which runs the project in India with a purpose of providing interactive learning to the poorest and most remote areas in India. 

Nicholas Negropontem is the founder of OLPC association. 

KMR Foundation is very keen on implementing this project in the Aziznagar vllage school. Visit to Khairat School to study the program and get the feed back from the village children was a great experience. It was amazing to see children learning through sharing information among them. 

Copying or writing from the black board is minimal. 

Sandeep Surve, the teacher handling 30 children manage the laptops independently.

According to Mr. Surve all the children are happy to go to school and the attendance of children has improved. Parents are getting the opportunity to learn through children since they take the laptops home.  


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