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Saturday Activities 2023-24


 August 5th 2023

Since this is the first KMRF session of this academic year 2023-24, we started off with the welcoming assembly and introducing ourselves to the children. In order to make them feel special and important our volunteers put in so much effort to prepare for a dance performance and the children were also given the opportunity to perform as well. It was a fruitful performance where it shows children are really fond of dancing to pop songs. For the second half of the program, Since it was assigned as sports we started with a warm-up exercise and divided them into groups and assigned each group to a group of volunteers and had them play each game in rotation(where if they complete a game, they are allowed to play the next game). We had running (zigzag), freeze, hula-hoop catch and duck-duck go. It was a memorable day with the children.


August 19th 2023

The second KMRF session was kick-started with English and sports as their agenda. So for Sports, We had to prepare the children for the upcoming sports day, We added all the activities as performed during the sports day and trained them for the day. It was practice given for them to make sure they performed their best. We had a relay, kicking the ball, hand catch and many others scheduled until the sports day. The second part was English; Parts of speech are the basics in English grammar, So we had each part of speech for each English class to make them clear with the concept. During this lesson, children learned about nouns and pronouns and did a couple of worksheets on the topic. We played the game: Name, Place, Animal and Thing, which is an easier way to remember nouns and pronouns.


August 26th 2023

The Third KMRF session This is going to be more fun because we have arts and crafts!! We started off with arts by preparing lanterns, specifically Chinese lanterns, which symbolize that people's wishes come true and believe in what they asked for. The children made it all in different color combinations and a few were collected for a showcase in an art exhibition. I hope their wishes come true because of their hard work and patience in creating the lanterns. the following session was sports and we practiced for the upcoming sports day.

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