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KMRF & IBDP-SIS—Collaborative Program --- Donation of furniture to Aziznagar village schools in July, 2017


Fiesta—a fund raiser is an annual event that has been happening since 2012. The students of IBDP of Sreenidhi International School take charge of this program and conducts in the beginning of the                year  taking help from CAS-Coordinator.

The aim of the program is to collect funds for the village schools to help them providing as per their need and requirements. The students, prior to fund raiser program take survey of the village schools facilitated by KMRF and meet the respective headmasters of the school and students. They find out their need and essential requirements for the all round education of children/students of their schools.

This year, they found out  the need for the supply of furniture and  decided to make arrangements for the donation of  furniture for 2 primary schools in Aziznagar village---writing desks for the students and tables with chairs for the teachers.

Likewise, the Sreenidhi students in collaboration with KMRF and the support of village Sarpanch and community have provided

(a)     Solar Panels  to one of the primary schools (H.W.S.) in Aziznagar village and facilitated with fans & lights in the school. This was done in the year 2013.

(b)   Set up a  Computer Lab--- a learning centre in the centre of Aziznagar village to cater the village as well school community. This was set up in the year 2014.

(c)    A  volleyball court in the Zilla Parichath High School, Aziznagar in the year 2015.

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