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The KMRF team started working from office from the 1st September, 2020 after the lock down.


Our initial and first healthcare program that we started with, in the year 2008 was the Immunization Program –100% immunization in children.

We adopted 36 villages in Moinabad Mandal, R.R.Dt, Hyderabad, Telangana, and data update was done for the entire villages of the mandal and yearly work of data updates also being carried out regularly.


We introduced and implemented another healthcare initiative for a pressing global health concern –DIABETES CARE PROGRAM in the month of December, 2016. We could not give time for the immunization work for the main reason that it has been observed by visits to a few villages and from the ANM of health centres that the immunization to children and pregnant women has been done in every village without any defaulters.


Hence our focus was aimed at strengthening the Diabetes program and to move forward in expanding the program from KASIMBOWLI to nearby village – Murthuzaguda and subsequently in Aziznagar village with the population of 5600 and completed it.  


Now  due to COCID-19 scare and to safe guard both the parties, the staff & the villagers from infection we have decided to do the data update of villages in phases with limited number of visits in a week combining both the programs IMMUNIZATION & DIABETES CARE PROGRAMS and strictly following Covid-19 rules like wearing masks all the time on the field, maintaining social distancing while collecting data from the villagers and using hand sanitizers whenever it is necessary and washing hands  frequently and almost all the times if they have come into contact with any objects handled by others.


Most importantly also taking time to advise and give required instructions to the villagers and follow the Covid-19 rules to safeguard themselves and family from getting infected.

Field visits to update 


The Immunization details and attend to the motivation work to encourage the default parents if any for immunization.

·        Make sure for 100% immunization in every village.

·        Attend to the work related to Diabetes program with patients visit and update the data on the status of their health and intake of medicines.

·        Motivation & encouragement to default patients for the regular intake of medicines.



Ø  Our initial work has been the restoration of software and systems in the office where the REACH- software server has been maintained.

Ø  Data updates done to know the status of our healthcare programs.

Ø  Staff members worked on the preparation of schedule for the field visits.

Ø  Diabetes program: Basic report prepared using the data available from field visits made before the lockdown for further information.( H.T, DIABETES AND HAVING BOTH)

Ø  Data updates for the adopted villages ( 36 in Moinabad Mandal) is due, hence it is decided that data update will be done taking care of all the areas especially giving main focus to INFORMATION on IMMUNIZATION DETAILS as we wanted to be sure that 100% immunization was done in every village as we came to know that because of  COVID—19 there can be many defaulters.

Ø  As well to update the health data with regard to DIABETES CARE PROGRAM.




Ø  The staff (2 members working in C.L.C., Aziznagar) in charge of Education Program also started working from the Computer Lab-set up in the village-Aziznagar.

Ø  The village Primary and High school students are being helped regularly with English skills, Computer lessons & Khanacademy online coaching for Math.

Ø  The work relating to restoration process of the lab which has 15-systems running with UPS was attended by the CLC-IT-Program Coordinator.

Ø  The electrical connection restored with replacing the entire wiring system for regular power supply to the lab.

Ø  The internet connectivity was restored.

Ø  The Computer lab is ready for the use of both village & school community.




The teachers of both primary and high schools in villages have been attending schools from 28th of August to teach online through whatsapp. The students of    9th & 10th grade started attending school for face to face learning from 21st September, 2020.


KMRF-will start it’s routine work –helping the school community as soon as the students of  grades 4, 5, 6, 7& 8 start with their regular classes in the village school in Aziznagar.



Our Vision