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TETRA - BP and Diabetic Project

Tetra Project--(A Technology Enabled community Health Worker led intervention to reduce Cardiovascular Disease burden in India (a BP apparatus and Glucometer connected to tablet that gives the reading of the patient from the village direct o the Doctor who handles a laptop / tablet for this program to give his advice and prescription) 

 Initiated in one of KMRF adopted villages - -Kasimbowli, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dt., Telangana on the 12 th December, 2016 for a population of 657 and with 467 --adults about 20-age for screening for BP and Diabetic
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        TETRA – PROJECT 

The Project -TETRA-(BP & Diabetes—testing—diagnosis— Doctor’s consultation through Skype-—treatment- enabled by “Tablet”-- has been initiated in December, 2016 choosing the village Kasimbowli for the pilot project of 650 population, 459 adults were targeted for the screening.

Initiated in Kasimbowli village of Moinabad Mandal, Hyderabad, Telangana 

Ø for population 645

Ø  targeting 459-adults of age 20+

Ø Project started in the month of December, 2016.

The project features include:-

Ø Taking consent for engaging them in this project

Ø  filling in necessary format giving details of self, family and previous medical history if any)

Ø  testing of adult villagers both male and female for BP ( average of 3-readings taken with a space of 10 mts ) and Diabetes.

Ø The data of both the readings will be uploaded in the Tablet and data stored against each individual villager tested.

Ø  As per the software program, the cases with high reading (BP-139/89 and Diabetes above—126) will be asked to give blood sample

Ø Motivation of patients explaining the importance for testing is done the previous day as most of them are afraid to take the test.

Ø Blood work is being done for createnine and hbA1c

Ø   the diagnosed cases ( villagers) having hypertension and diabetes will be speaking with the project doctor

Ø The doctor engages with each patient via SKYPE

Ø in motivating each patient to bring in an awareness of the harmful effects of    BP / DIABETES if left unnoticed and not treated in time

Ø  advise them for the importance of taking medicine regularly,

Ø some physical exercise and following certain dietary habits.

Ø prescribes medicine on their page after knowing their previous medical history and if they are already taking any medicine

Ø The printout of the prescription also being handed to the patients.

Medicines from 104—services:

Affected patients are being motivated to get medicine through 104—who are visiting every month to the nearby village. Some of them, being existing patients buy medicine privately.

As per the project all the diagnosed cases have been tested every month for BP and Diabetes followed by Doctor’s consultation for advice and change of medicine if any.

 The foundation helps them with transport for collection of medicine and the team members motivate the patients one day prior to delivery of medicine.

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