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Khan Academy-Dashboard

Khan Academy—online coaching of Math
Khanacademy Dashboard:-Ongoing program with the village school children.
(Acts High school,Aziznagar,from July,2014) 

Online Khanacademy for Math-skills had been introduced to the 4th graders from Acts High School, Aziznagar last year. Around 22 students attended the session regularly in the evening after school session.  The same set of students now in grade 5th has started attending the session this year also.

In view of strengthening and improve their mental  and Mathematical skills we continued this session with the last year students who attended to coaching session weekly thrice at the Sreenidhi   Campus IT-Lab.

(Acts High school, Aziznagar, from July, 2013 ) 

Presently the 4th graders - 23 of them from Acts High School, Aziznagar village are taking the online Math coaching session in the Sreenidhi campus.

They could master several topics excepting word problems mainly due to western names and difficult English terms.  Around 15 of them could do well faster and surely have improved their learning skills

Online practice enhances their mental skills and ability to do quickly.

 Academic year 2013

A review meeting was held in January 2013 with Ms. Humaira Mahi on the project that the Foundation had taken up -coaching of Math through Khanacademy to the 4th graders of Aziznagar village school to analyze and discuss the result of the course-project for the past one year and following difficulties and problems were faced by the team like

·         The daily attendance of children were poor

·         Not been able to motivate them to stay beyond school hours as the Math –lessons were planned after the school hours.

·         Very weak in Basic Math and not able to do even up to 5 tables.

It was felt that children from private school might benefit by this session as they have some knowledge of English and get help and follow up from school teachers. It was decided that this Math session will be given to the 4th graders of Acts High School from Aziznagar from July, 2013. Around 25 students have been enrolled for the KA-Math Lessons to be held in the campus of Sreenidhi International School from July, 2013.
Introduced in February, 2012.

In the beginning of year 2012-in January a review meeting was held with Ms. Humaira Mahi, on computer-aided education being conducted with the Aziznagar Village Primary school children.

The OLPC classes are currently being held at Sreenidhi school with fourth grade children from the village school and the XO computers continue to engage and interest the children.

In addition, it was decided by Ms. Humaira Mahi to introduce Khan Academy mathematics lessons to the village children in the computer lab of the campus of Sreenidhi International School.

Although the children have been working with OLPC laptops from June 2011, almost all of them have had no exposure at all to a PC. We began by first making them comfortable with a PC – explaining to them how to operate a mouse and a keyboard etc before starting on multiplication modules. The Khan Academy dashboard is being used to assess the progress of the 25 students in class.

Next academic year, our plan is to introduce Khan Academy mathematics lessons to senior village school students in grades 8 and higher
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