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Future - Focus - Areas

  1. Ensuring quality education to all.

  2. Involving village school children in games, art & music in SNIS Campus.

  3. Help build up basic school infra structure --  class room, furniture, black boards,uniforms, teaching aids and supply of computers.

  4. Creating an opportunity to display their talents and improve in arts and music.

  5. Give them training in sports & games and the opportunity to excel.

  6. Training session for the village school teachers-- establishing teacher training centre at SNIS.

  7. Health check up for village school children every six months and referral services for serious illness.

  8. Health card to villagers, curative and referral services to other hospitals.

  9. Engaging Village Govt. Primary School children in Games, Art, Craft  & Music And training them enhance their skills.

  10. Continuous training of Village Female Youth & Women for skill development activities like Tailoring. Zariwork & Embroidery that earn them livelihood.

  11. Encouraging male youth for vocational training courses through Micro finance and Part funding.
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