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Olpc Program update 2017

KMRF-OLPC—Program  from the academic year 2017

KMR Foundation introduced the OLPC—(One Laptop per Child) program  in Aziznagar village for the primary  school children in December, 2010. The village school teachers as well KMRF—team got trained to handle the laptop as well learn the activities. The foundation procured 30 –laptops.

Initially we started with the grade 4 & 5 students of Central Primary school.  Around 50 students were engaged in handling the laptops for learning simple Math & English in addition to some puzzles etc. We also could manage to upload certain other activities collaborating with developers of the program.

From last 2-years we also give this program to another Primary school in Aziznagar for 4th & 5th grade students. This session take place 4-days in a week –2—days to each school for 2 hour.

Following are some of the activities/ lessons that children are engaged.

-------Tux Math—for addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.

-------Write activity ---for learning English language—alphabets, words to write and practice.

------- Speak activity—simple English words with pronunciation

------ Speak & Memorize activity

------ Geography—I KNOW INDIA—map

------ Puzzle, maze etc.

All the systems were charged at the campus the previous day for the next day classes. The 2-instructors from foundation are helping the village children with this program. Now the students learnt to handle the systems independently.

Students of grade 4 & 5 from Central Primary School and Basthi school in Aziznagar are getting benefited by this program.

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